GinsengUp Root Beer and Antietam Battlefield

About the Company
For more than 6,000 years, the Chinese have used Ginseng to boost their energy, reduce stress, improve memory and cognitive function, enhance libido, lower cholesterol, eliminate toxins, and even prevent infection.

Ginseng is extracted from the root of the Ginseng plant and is classified as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are botanical compounds that are believed to help restore balance and normalcy to the body’s systems – including the nervous and immune systems.

While Ginseng has traditionally been brewed and consumed as a tea, Ginseng UP, a lightly carbonated beverage, gives today’s consumers a convenient, refreshing, all-natural way to reap the potential benefits of Ginseng. Each flavor is specially formulated with natural ingredients, some containing little or no added cane sugar.

Ginseng UP was founded in 1981 and is formulated and bottled in Worcester, Massachusetts. You’ll find Ginseng UP in natural grocery, health food and supermarkets. If it’s not available near you, ask your grocer to order some today!

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I bought several root beers at the Pop Shop in Frederick, Maryland. I thought for fun Id take three of them and place them on the historic
locations around Frederick, including the battlefields, and talk about them.

Unfortunately, two of them didnt have a twist off cap, so I only have one to review at the Antietam Battlefield, near Sharpsburg, Maryland.


I really liked the GinsengUp Root Beer. There is a strong ginger taste and there is a strong root beer taste along with it. Ginger gives a bite to any root beer so I picked the Dunker Church location for my pictorial.


This was a perfect day for visiting the Antietam Battlefield. Meg and I arrived in Maryland on August 1, 2015. We stayed at the Hollerstown Inn Bed and Breakfast in Frederick. I caught the last inning of the Keys baseball game on Saturday night. On Sunday we drove to Cumberland, Maryland and rode the Western Maryland Railroad Train. On Monday-Tuesday
Meg and I visited the Civil War Medical Museum, so on Wednesday we struck out to see the Antietam Battlefield at Sharpsburg.


This is me riding in the Western Maryland Railroad train with a local
red wine. Im wearing my Golden Warrior T Shirt Meg got us to celebrate
their basketball championship earlier in the year.


This is my beautiful wife Meg. She gets tired of me taking pictures of her, but its so hard to stop since she is obviously very beautiful.
This picture was taken in Frostburg, Maryland.


They didnt have any root beer on board the train unfortunately. They did
sell Mug Root Beer at the cafe at the end of the line.

After a couple days at the medical museum we enjoyed driving around South Mountain to Sharpsburg and taking in the Antietam Battlefield Visitor’s Center and visited the most important part of the battlefield, the gift shop.


Here is another picture of the GinsengUp Root Beer near the visitor’s center. I would recommend bringing an ice chest, as I did not. There was
no root beer at the visitor’s center, so I had probably most of the root beer on the battlefield that day.


Meg, root beer, and the Civil War are three of my most importand things I enjoy, so combining them on this day was really special. I enjoy church too but I didn’t take any root beer to Mass any days on this trip. Ill have to think about that for another day.

Drink Up!

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