Stevenson’s Ridge Ramblin’ Root Beer

Meg and I have spent four days at Stevenson’s Ridge. It is known for its
Weddings. Stevenson’s Ridge is located on the Spotsylvania Court House
Battlefield. We are trying to arrange for some of the park rangers to
have a root beer taste at the Corn Crib where we have been staying.

We brought some root beers over from the Pop Shop in Frederick, Maryland.
Ramblin’ Root Beer is ok. I chilled it and had some last night. There is
a lot of wintergreen in the drink. That tastes like toothpaste.



Emerging Civil War is a blog Meg writes for, and she did yesterday afternoon. I helped with the slides. We had around 50 people to listen
to Civil War historians at Stevenson’s Ridge.

DSC_0023 crop

Meg and I are watching NASCAR and Im disappointed Jimmie Johnson is running in 19th place. We apparently picked up some bugs from the forest.
I couldn’t walk well with my left leg last night, but Im ok now. Meg has
put up her leg while watching TV. There are bats in the chimney, so we
get sung to throughout the day and night as well.


Chris White walked most of our people through a local battlefield,
Chancellorsville. It was fairly hot, but with blue skies and puffy white
clouds its a beautiful day.

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