Star Trek and Root Beer

Back in 1998 I was so excited to learn that there was a Star Trek Experience at the Hilton
in Las Vegas… and “Quark’s Bar” was included in the experience. Why would I be excited about that? I was not and still not a fan of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine franchise, or
the Ferengi. The Ferengi were horrible creatures, but they had one good trait, they liked
root beer. Quark’s Bar sold root beer, and you could sit at the bar in Las Vegas and imagine you were drinking root beer in outer space. It was torn down.

Good news though, Westgate Las Vegas may set up much of the same material at their bar.


Elvis stayed and played here
Formerly known as Elvis’ Vegas headquarters, the hotel features 8 restaurants, a glittering casino, live shows and cabaret, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Theater, a day spa, and a pool with cabanas. (Expedia)

We Star Trek/root beer fans may still get a chance to have root beer in outer space.

Drink Up

Worf: There is an ancient Klingon proverb that says, “You cannot loosen a man’s tongue with root beer.”

via The Root-Beer Blog: "The Way Of The Warrior"- A Root Beer Related Interlude.
(The Root Beer Blog)

The attraction — which featured a museum, ride and replica of Quark’s Bar — debuted at what was then the Las Vegas Hilton back in 1998 and lasted ten years before it was shuttered. A failure to agree on a lease was blamed. details the experience that once was:

Guests entered into the History of the Future Museum, which contained many of the actual costumes, props and set pieces used in the various Star Trek series and movies. (Vegas Chatter, July 1, 2014)

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