North Market Pop Shop

Meg and I will be visiting Frederick, Maryland this weekend. Its about 3,000 miles away. That is a long way to fly and drive to visit a supermarket. We have SaveMart and Safeway here in
Hollister, but the North Market Pop Shop is in Frederick. Being a Civil War Buff, Frederick is important to me because you drive through on your way to Gettysburg or Sharpsburg. Those locations had the battles of Gettysburg and Antietam, 1862-1863.


We offer a unique variety of over 225 selections of soda pop, most are glass-bottled, cane-sugar, vintage soda pop. They are available in singles, four-packs, six-packs, and even by the case (24). Mix and match any brand or variety that you want. They are also available for sale online, just send us an email inquiry and we will send you a list of soda available for shipping, delivery or pick-up.

We also have super premium ice cream from Trickling Springs Creamery, which is less than an hour from Frederick. Trickling Springs’ Creamery ice cream is made from their awesome organic, low-temp pasteurized milk. You can pick any variety of soda pop and any flavor of ice cream for a great float, or try it in a milkshake or just by the scoop. Stop in and ask for a sample of any of our fantastic flavors! Now available are all-beef hot dogs with a selection of toppings, from our special meat sauce to McCutcheon’s fantastic relishes!!

We also have a great selection of local honey, candy, milk, juice, and of course water.

Check out the article about us in the Frederick Gorilla.

Check us out onFacebook at The North Market Frederick Pop Shop.

via Welcome.( Pop Shop Website)


I will be looking for local root beers as well. I buy these root beer through the Root Beer
Store in the state of Washington. It will be fun to buy a root beer from its local distributors.

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