16th Annual Root Beer Float Day with the Oakland A’s

On Wednesday, July 22, the Oakland A’s will take on the Toronto Blue Jays, and the day will raise money for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.

Bring your family, friends and colleagues, connect with others touched by T1D and gather information about JDRF. Purchase your ticket through this special link and $5 will go directly back to JDRF! (JDRF Website)


Vida Blue is supposed to be there for autographs and scoop up ice cream for the floats.

Your ticket also includes admittance to a pregame BBQ tailgate in K Lot, which will take place from 5-6 PM.

After the tailgate, don’t forget to purchase your root beer float! A’s players, coaches, and other local celebrities will be scooping root beer floats in the Eastside Club. Sugar-free root beer and ice cream will be available. All proceeds from the sale of floats will be donated to JDRF!

Game starts at 7:05 pm!

Kids Take the Field Contest

Are you a kid between the ages of 8-14 and want to share your personal story of living with T1D? Do you want to take the field with the Oakland A’s on Root Beer Float Day to promote T1D awareness and support JDRF? Then this contest is for you!

In 500 characters or less, please tell us:

Why it is important to share you story of life with T1D
Why you want to take the field with the Oakland A’s to spread awareness


via 16th Annual Root Beer Float Day with the Oakland A's – Greater Bay Area Chapter.

My father Crayton H. Groeling died of heart failure, but contributing to this was diabetes.
So its fitting that I would support this project that raises funds to fight Type 1 Diabetes.

My father died on July 22, 1995. This will be a fitting tribute to him since this will be the
20th Anniversary of his death. He liked his soda and encouraged me to like root beer. He used to drive me as a child from Riverdale to Oakland to watch the Yankees play the A’s.

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