Customer Reviews: Zevia All Natural Soda, Ginger Root Beer, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

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Zevia All Natural Soda, Ginger Root Beer, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
Zevia All Natural Soda, Ginger Root Beer, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
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5Reminds me of how A&W Root Beer tasted when I was a kid
ByRyanon January 7, 2010
The Zevia Root Beer Flavor is one of my favorites of the Zevia flavors. It has very strong Root Beer taste which I find tastes a lot like my memories of A&W Root Beer back when I was growing up in Canada, back before they started replacing sugar with High Fructose Corn Syrup. I’m not sure if A&W Root Beer is different here in the US from Canada, as the food in the A&W restaurants here in the US is nothing like the food in A&W Canada restaurants.

In any case, I love that there’s nothing but all natural ingredients here, and it’s naturally sugar free. This summer, I often combined the Zevia Root Beer with Clemmy’s Sugar Free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream to make my own Sugar Free Root Beer Floats (and sometimes with Orange Zevia instead of the Root Beer) and they were absolutely amazing guilt free Floats.
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1We examined their claims, gave it a taste-test, & found multiple problems with Zevia…But here’s a solution! (Read on)
ByMad Maxon January 24, 2011
First, my household is a low-carb, low-glycemic index, and zero corn syrup household. We have been looking for alternative *natural* sweeteners for quite some time because our doctor has serious warnings (and lots of research) against chemical-based sugar substitutes like aspartame, saccharine, and splenda.

Stevia is our favorite sweetener – usually from a bottle, or as a raw leaf. The problem is, we can find very few products (like snack bars, soda, cookies, etc) which use Stevia.

So we were excited to meet the people from Zevia at the trade show in which they rolled out this product (2007)… and we were among the first people in the country to taste a stevia-flavored soda!

At the trade show, the company gave out mini-cans of selected flavors, and we were super impressed. The taste is different from mainstream root beer, cola, and ginger ale products … but it was sweet, sparkly, and had a nice bite. No awful aspartame aftertaste!

We came home excited to order our first batch for home/personal use. To our disappointment, we found several discrepancies between their product & literature at the trade show, and the actual product rolled out.

First, they decided to add caffeine to many of the flavors (not the root beer), but this ruined most of the flavors for us & makes their “all natural” claim a bit disingenuous.

Next, we were told by company reps that the soda contains only purified water, stevia, and citric acid. To our surprise, when the ingredients were published on the can (FDA standards), we found that the PRIMARY sweetener is an artificial chemical called eurethrytol (2nd ingredient), not Stevia (5th ingredient). Drinking a 12 ounce can of ginger root beer flavored Zevia had the same effect on me as eating 4 maltitol-based chocolate bars (LOTS of stomach problems).

Finally, they claim this is a zero calorie drink, but erythritol does indeed contain calories – about 25 for the can. And at $1 per can, the price is just to high. This product was a disappointment all around.


Ok, so you’re wanting a safe, natural, great tasting soda without side effects? All you need are 3 ingredients: Seltzer Water, Bottle of liquid Sweet Leaf Stevia, and (secret ingredient) citric acid.

Seltzer water is widely available at any grocery store. You’ll find the other two ingredients at your health food store (we buy citric acid in the bulk section of our local apothecary, under $1 per ounce).

For one serving of soda (12 ounce) add 15-20 drops of liquid Stevia, and just a *PINCH* (1/8th teaspoon?) of citric acid. The Stevia sweetens and flavors, and makes a very nice drink. But the citric acid adds that “bite” that makes a cola taste like a cola!

Our favorite Sweet Leaf flavors are: Root Beer, Cinnamon, Orange, & Apricot. This method is actually much cheaper than cans of Zevia, tastes better, broader variety of flavors, super portable (we travel with a little pouch of citric acid & a bottle of Sweet Leaf), and it’s truly natural!

Three more notes for health-conscious people: (1) We have tried many off-brand bottles of liquid Stevia, and they are all just fine. HOWEVER, many of the off-brands use a grain alcohol base, which tastes awful in soda (unless you’re used to that sort of thing! Ha Ha…). So other brands are fine for cooking, but at this time I recommend Sweet Leaf for mixing drinks (just purified Stevia + water).

(2) Aluminum cans are a disaster for the environment (takes one 12oz can of gasoline to melt down/recycle 4 new aluminum cans). So I recommend bottles of Seltzer water instead.

And, (3) artificial carbonation robs your body of magnesium & other things. Instead, opt for naturally sparkling water, like Pellegrino. We usually pay $1.15 for a 1-liter bottle of naturally sparkling mineral water, no additives, and it has lots of healthy minerals. GOOD LUCK in your continued journey for better health!

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