Thunder Beast vs “Cause and Effect”

Thunder Beast“We take our root beer brewing and drinking seriously. We’re committed to crafting the greatest and most unique root beers, and intend on creating, remastering, and discovering until the end of time.

Our flagship root beer is a maple, butterscotch highlighted root beer with some honey and botanicals on the finish. We’re presently working on rolling out the first of our seasonal releases as we continue to venture into unexplored realms of taste by blending unique and bold flavors.

Unlike most microbreweries that focus on beer and only occasionally dabble in the finer root beer arts, we fanatically specialize in root beer. We dream about it all night, and work with it all day.”

Thunder Beast Website

Late last night I thought Id try to look up root beers that would match the West Coast Legends Football League, so I typed into Google Root Beers of Washington. I got Thunder Beast. They’ve got a special

root beer bottled in what looks like a wine bottle. And the six packs of root beer look pretty cool. Thunder Beast is not from the state of Washington, but from Washington D.C.

When I went to buy the root beers I found out it buys through PayPal.


We’ve got AT&T for our TV provider and it allows the suscriber to tape shows. I tape the Simpsons, Star Trek and Grimm generally. The episode I decided to watch is called “Cause and Effect” where the Enterprise explodes over and over again for 17 days. The main characters are playing poker at the beginning of the episode and over the days they kept saying things like I know what you are going to play or I’ve already done this.


As I began to attempt to buy the root beer the PayPal each time it rejected me it kept adding more root beer to my total and my amount of money to pay kept increasing from twenty-something to fifty, sixty, ect., until I had a total of around $90.00. And all this was as the Star Trek episode characters kept trying to get out of their loop and so was I. It was a pay loop as I kept going back and erasing the items from my Cart, but the total kept going up and I didnt know that to do. Finally, I was able to erase all of the Cart items and get one six pack and a wine-bottle-root beer.  And the characters on the show figured out that Riker’s suggestions were right and Data’s were wrong. He used the key number of “3.” Im looking forward to

seeing this rare root beer I ordered. The key number for me was one. I just wanted one six pack and one

wine-bottled root beer.


via Thunder Beast.

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