Gray and Gus: My Two Sons Return

via Gray’s Root Beer – Google Search.

The Wedding is in just five days and Thomas drove down to Salinas with his wife and Timothy lives with his fiancé, already in Salinas. The two couples drove over in the evening to try on their cloths since they are the two

“best men” in the wedding. Meg and I had talked with the wedding planner in the morning and then met with the “minister” and his wife around lunch time. It will be a beautiful service in the park in San Juan.

The three of us Thomas, Timothy and I went to Togo’s to buy dinner when they arrived around 7 o’clock.


All we have in the house is water and root beer, and most of it is pretty rare. I had saved Gus: Grown-up Soda for Thomas because it seemed different having a proclaimed itself a “Dry Root Beer”, so I had it chilled.

I looked for a rare root beer for Timothy and I found Gray’s, which has a brewing company around since

1856. Gray’s root beer is regular soda. Something to have a with a steak or hamburger.


Established in Jamesville Wisconsin, there’s only the Pure Sugar Cane to set it apart from other root beers. Its right up there with Sioux City, which is in New York. It is very refreshing and has a solid root beer taste.

Gus reminds me of Bawls Guarana Root Beer out of Miami, Florida. There is a bit of root beer taste, and it gives you a bubbly refreshing taste like Perrier water. The first ingredients is the sparkling water, and there is only 98 calories,while Gray’s has 180 calories.

I think I picked the right root beers for Thomas, who is older and spent six years in the Air Force. He likes the Bawls kinds of things and toughs his way through things.  He wants to lose some weight. Timothy no matter what he drinks or eats is thin and fit. He also works out a lot. He will work off the 180 calories at the Gym.

The guys looked great with their ties and suspenders. Its going to be a great wedding.


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