Drove 800 Miles to Get Surf City Root Beer

I left Hollister, California at 3:06am. My breakfast was a couple almond bars and a couple Red Bulls. Watching the sun rise over the San Juaquin Valley near Bakersfield, I listened to Boston and some of my favorite 70’s tunes.

Arriving in the Los Angeles area the traffic slowed to about 2 miles an hour near the Los Angeles LAX on Hwy 405. BrewBakers doesn’t open until 11:00am. I arrived at about 11:30am. Manuel Florence is the brewer and Sarah Stevenson is the Sales Manager and deals with Correspondence.

The address is 7242 Heil Avenue. Its a couple blocks off of Hwy 39 in Huntington Beach. The traffic is tough from Hwy 5, to Hwy 405 and then to Hwy 39. I could have taken Hwy 5 to Hwy 22 in Orange, California and then connected with Hwy 405 North of the Hwy 39 exit.

I had a treat with Ham and Roast Beef in homemade bread with powered sugar and dark red jam to spread on the bread and meat smothered in cheese. It was great. They’ve got micro brew beer or soda to go with their treats.


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